Pre mature and low weight child

Pre mature and low weight child

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Pre mature and low weight child
Posted in 2014
Premature and low birth weight babies
Despite the “Back to Sleep” campaign, many health care providers in hospital nurseries continue to put premature and low birth weight infants to sleep on their tummy or side. This is because these babies are more easily managed in such positions, and the risk of SIDS is relatively low in the newborn period. In addition, these babies are usually on a monitor, allowing for quick detection of problems. However, parents are likely to follow their practitioner’s lead and continue placing their baby on his tummy or side when he comes home. Numerous pediatric societies recommend that all babies, including premature and low birth weight babies in hospital or at home, be put to sleep on their backs as soon as possible. If your newborn baby is in a special care nursery or neonatal intensive care unit and you are concerned that he is being put to sleep on his tummy or side, make sure to discuss this with his health care providers.
My Research :: I studied parents health conditions before conceiving, their life style, food habits etc...I found in most of cases the couple are not taking care of their body viz..Healthy food, life style etc..due to which the baby is Pre mature and Low weight which results ...Premature and low Birth weight babies. I also found these children have less Life span. I advise every couple to prepare their bodies before conceive and take care during Pregnancy to avoid such births...You will get all needed nutrients in your food which is safe and no reaction. Further details read my blogs on Healthy food


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