Improve your child's brain before birth

Improve your child's brain before birth

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My memories...Improve your child's brain before birth
Posted on 24th April 2015
Improve your child's Brain before birth
The foundation of the child’s brain is built in the womb. This is the stage when the initial raw substances of intelligence and personality are formed. Development at this stage has a long lasting effect on the learning skills and personality development of the child. There are many factors that help to improve the mental development or intelligence of the unborn baby. Mother can enhance the intelligence of the unborn baby by eating healthy nutritious food, reducing stress and anxiety and by building a close connection with the unborn baby
Mother can guide her baby to get a good start in life. It is not only your duty to make your baby intelligent when he grows up. It is also equally important to help your baby starting from the time when he is in your womb. Good food is an important factor to stimulate your unborn child in your womb. This will also help create a connection in the brain of a baby. Boosting your child’s intelligence is a positive step to bring a wise baby in the world.
Most of us are not aware that the child's brain is developed before birth...The brain also fixed in a line of Education or Sports or singing or other if parents encouraged him with his aim he can become Good professional in that field. 
We are seeing that Number of students are appearing for various examinations (some with the force of their parents) but the children whose brain is active in that field which was fixed before birth will only get the seat and reach to the highest position...see the photo how your child's brain develops before birth...brought to you by


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