Comparison between Veg Vs non Veg

Comparison between Veg Vs non Veg

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Comparison between Veg Vs non Veg
Posted in 2014

Comparison between Veg Vs non Veg
Advantages of vegetarian food habit – 
Vegetarian food habit helps in inculcating self control.
Many religions support vegetarianism. It is the choice of food habit for many spiritual seekers.
Vegetarian food is less in fat.
More sources of fibers is found in vegetarian food.
Vegetarian food is considered to be ‘Satvik’ in nature. Satvik refers to ability to imbibe noble qualities such as peacefulness, concentration, love for all, optimism in mind.
Most of the vegetarian diet is easier to digest than non veg diet.
Advantages of Non Veg food habit – 
Excellent source of protein and vitamin B complex, especially Vitamin B 12
Fish is a very rich source of omega 3 fatty acid.
A well planned non veg food regimen will make the body strong.
Ayurveda explains that meat soup is one of the best nutritious drink.
For gym goers, non veg food will help to build muscle mass faster.
Non veg food is excellent for gaining weight.
Disadvantages of non veg food habit – 
As per Indian believes, non veg food is rajasik and tamasik in nature. Non veg food harms concentration levels. It also increases anger and lust.
Chances of occurrence of constipation, high BP, obesity, high cholesterol, heart diseases is more in non vegetarian food.
Both veg and non veg food habits have their own advantages.
It is not advisable for a vegetarian to switch over to non veg diet. Because stomach, liver, intestines will not be ‘ready’ with the required enzymes to digest food.
From the beginning I am telling you that your food plays major role in your health and on your mind...See the above and decide your self.....Brought to U by


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