Charecters of Healthy food

Charecters   of  Healthy food

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Charecters of Healthy food
Posted in 2014
Characters of Healthy food
I told U many times that Healthy food gives..Mental power, Physical power, Keeps your body Healthy, Improves Fertility etc...
Every animal is taking Healthy food and possessing above qualities but We are not following due to which we are suffering from various Health Problems and Infertility Problems.
Every one will purchase vehicle two or four wheel by considering Mileage and Life of the vehicle. The manufacturer will give us a manual how to maintain it to run without problems. In that the manufacturer will tell the Maximum Mileage, life if we change the oil as per their manual, keep in certain conditions, Similarly God has created all animals (including us) has to take Air, Water and Healthy food to protect our health and give birth to Healthy child.
I explained you about Air and Water. Now choose food such that 1. Minimum Pollution in our body.
2. Maximum Energy 3. Our body and mind should be active
4. Good excrement 5. Sound sleep
If u choose food you will be free from health or infertility problems
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