Importance of Oxygen

Importance of Oxygen

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Importance of Oxygen on us
Posted in 2013
How can an irregular oxygen supply affect my digestion? Importance of Air
As I told you our body needs Air. Air contains many gases. out of it our body takes only OXYGEN. 
A good digestive tract, as any gastroenterologist will tell you, is the cornerstone to good health. Whe Air :: We breathe in OXYGEN and breathe out CARBON DI OXIDE. Importance of OXYGEN 
Of all the chemical elements, oxygen is the most vital to the human body . We would survive for only minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is the life -giving, life-sustaining element. Approximately 90% of our body's energy is created by oxygen. Nearly all of the body's activities, from brain function to elimination, are regulated by oxygen. The ability to think, feel and act is derived from the energy supplied by oxygen. The way to optimize health is to ensure complete cellular oxygenation. Each of the body's trillions of cells demands oxygen for proper function. In our nature Trees takes Carbond di oxide which emits by all animals and gives OXYGEN for us
The woman wish to give birth to a HEALTHY and BRILLIANT child should take oxygen to fulfill her requirements as well as unborn child's requirementsn your gastrointestinal tract is
working right, you digest food efficiently and distribute all the necessary nutrients to every cell. 
When you don't get enough oxygen, your digestion become irregular and your body doesn't get the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients it needs. This is why some of us always feel hungry. Our inefficient cells are constantly starved.
When we breathe into our chests, we release adrenaline into our systems, which slows our digestion. The energy then goes into our muscles. This is why our muscles often feel tight and we experience aches and pains. If we breathe deeply into our bellies, our autonomic nervous system goes off “alert," our muscles relax and our digestive system kicks back in. Deep breathing increases gastrointestinal peristalsis (the involuntary muscle contractions of your intestines), blood flow, and food absorption..
Every person will take 6 lts of Oxygen per minute which is required to unborn child according to age...the mother has to contribute it. The mother's food will consume for her digestion remaining will be shared by the unborn baby..If the air is insufficiant to the baby 1. his body will not develop 2. blood is not purified due to which the baby will take birth with skin problems 3. brain function and other parts will not develop due to which the baby will be take care and give birth to Healthy child. Brought to U by


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