Extreme exercise is also cause of Infertility

Extreme exercise is also cause of Infertility

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My memories
Extreme exercise is also cause of Infertility
Posted in October 2016
My memories...Extreme Exercise is also cause of Infertility
Extreme exercise
Working out helps keep you slim, strong, and full of energy—all important when you're trying to get pregnant. Thing is, you can overdo it: "If you're exercising too much it can have a negative impact on ovulation," says Dr. Schlaff. It's not just an issue that affects very thin athletes, either. A 2012 study published in Fertility and Sterility found that normal-weight women who exercised vigorously for more than five hours a week had a harder time getting pregnant. 
The most obvious sign of a potential problem is a change in menstrual cycle, says Dr. Schlaff. "It doesn't have to go away completely, either," he says. "If you notice that it becomes lighter or shorter, you should talk to your doctor about the implications for your fertility and your health."
Too Much Exercise is also cause of Infertility
You’re fit, watch what you eat and exercise daily, so what could be the trouble? Sometimes, too much exercise can be the culprit in infertility for both men and women.
Overdoing Exercise
Studies have found that exercise can cause infertility in men when the body is overheated too often. When body temperatures rise above 96 degrees, sperm is more likely to die and leave a man infertile. Men who are underweight and have low body fat may also experience low sperm motility (how fast sperm moves) and sperm morphology (the sperm’s ideal shape).
Women who exercise too much may lose too much body fat, which can affect estrogen levels and cause irregular periods (oligomenorrhea), or even stop menstruation (amenorrhea), both of which will leave her infertile. This situation may be called hypothalamic amenorrhea.
But even if menstrual cycles remain consistent, some research has found that just four hours a week of exercise lowered conception by 40 percent. Cardiovascular workouts like aerobics and running also resulted in a reduced chance in live births after in vitro fertilization in 30 percent of the study participants.
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