Water is Nutrient which helps U to conceive.....7

Water is  Nutrient which helps U to conceive.....7

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19... your body expands during pregnancy
How animals, birds etc,,,conceive?
All these are doesn't know the meaning of fertility...They don't know visit any fertility specialists or IVF Hospitals or surrogacy Hospitals...They don't know any other language except their body language. They understand their body language and act accordingly. For healthy living they follow healthy habits till the end of their life...i.e. 1. Taking Breath 2. Drinking water and 3. Eating healthy food according to their body.
The first one is Breathing is natural process...Without their personal involvement they take breathing.
The second one is when their body demands they simply go and drink water as per their body demands.
The third one is when their body demands for healthy food they simply go and take healthy food according to their body.
Without any problem they are conceiving and give birth to healthy child.
All they are my teachers and I learned a lot from them how to live healthy with our healthy habits....
I learned from nature also.
20... My advice 
Water helps U to have Healthy Eggs
In all my previous articles I discussed about benefits of water, all scientific facts, improve uterus, egg health etc..
Now let me discuss how to drink water?
When a woman wish to have Healthy child should take water as under
1. Drink one to two glasses slowly in the Morning empty stomach. Try to increase it day to day
2. Don't take Tea or coffee or any upto 10 minutes after drinking water.
3. Don't drink water after Break fast for 30 minutes.
4. Drink one to two glasses of water 10 minutes before lunch
5. Don't drink water after lunch for one hour then you take slowly 2 glasses of water in one hour.
6. Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before Dinner. Don't drink water after dinner for one hour.
If you follow you can have Healthy child..


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