How water benefits to Male? 2

How water benefits to Male? 2

4.  Improves physical and mental energy
Your cells need water to function. With more water you get healthier cells that can transport oxygen through your brain and body. It also helps your metabolism. This gives you both physical and mental energy that can be put to use in the bedroom. Being dehydrated will cause your body to relieve stress hormones because your body goes into survival mode which throws off sexual hormones like testosterone. Increased blood flow is also necessary for sexual organs to function and is aided by drinking water.
Drink water as needed to your body so that you will be physically and mentally healthy....

5.  You will not get bad smell of your sweating
Sweat stinks less Smell is super important when it comes to sex. You can light as many lavender scented candles as you want, when you’re naked and sweaty there is going to be a smell. If you’re well hydrated your sweat will have a higher water content and will have less salt and other toxins your skin emits through sweat glands which cause body odor.
It attract by your life partner to have sex with U...So drink water to enjoy with your life partner...

6.  Lubrication of all joints of your body is Water
Every one who maintain 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler vehicle heard of the word LUBRICATION. Let me tell U actual meaning of LUBRICATION.. When ever two surfaces moving opposite to each other or one surface is stationary and other is moving some friction will be developed between them..It is continuous the surfaces may spoil. To prevent it one liquid material is introduced between them is called LUBRICANT. You are using OIL as LUBRICANT in your vehicle..The process is known as LUBRICATION.
All of our joints in our body will move ...example::Knee joints, hand joints, leg joints etc.. 
To protect these joints we need Lubrication..Here you have to drink water to protect your joints. Water acts as LUBRICANT in your body. It is common to Male and Female..So drink water to protect your joints.
Now a days we commonly heard as KNEE REPLACEMENTS OPERATION. It is nothing but removing our KNEE JOINT and replace with artificial joint. It is very costly treatment...To avoid it drink water as needed..


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