How water benefits to Male? 3

How water benefits to Male? 3

7.  .Improves bodily fluids
More Bodily Fluids When it comes to lubrication all natural is always the most convenient way to go. You can always quickly dry off, but stopping things and grabbing a bottle of lube can be a bummer. Saliva is also fantastic lubricant, and your body can only make it if you give it enough water. Semen is obviously water based, so staying hydrated will increase amount and even lighten the taste and smell.
All your body parts are activated with water...So drink water...

8.  Protects your Skin and Lips
Better Skin/lips Dry flaky skin is not ideal for groping and nobody wants to kiss dry cracked lips. Having cracked dry lips can put a damper on any make out session as well. If you want succulent lips and soft skin, drink more water.
To prevent any skin and lips problems drink water as needed...It is for both Male and female....

9..  Repairing your muscle tissue
Less muscle fatigue Going all night long can be exhausting. By repairing your muscle tissue through increased blood flow you’re recovery time is going to be faster than ever. This means from the gym earlier, sex the night before, or the sex you’re still breathing heavily from. Muscles are 75% water, you can’t go wrong here.
Your muscle tissues will be repaired and you can enjoy with your life partner i.e..better sex..So drink water for better life enjoyment...


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