Water is Nutrient which helps U to conceive....1

Water is  Nutrient which helps U to conceive.....1

Water is  Nutrient which helps U to  conceive
Since last 15 years I am telling about water helps to conceive. But most of the people didn't believe me and visited to various fertility hospitals...After failure and facing abortions or miscarriages they asked me how to fulfill their desire or goal. I am telling you that your body is natural and acts naturally....It doesn't require medicines or operations. Have you seen any animal is visiting to Fertility hospitals?No..It is God's gift to all including us. .Every doctor will learn and apply on animals only during their education or research...No one will directly apply on human beings.. Because our body is similar to animals and functions are also similar. That is the reason human beings are  included in Zoology. There no special subject for us. Now our topic is how water helps to conceive. See regularly to know more.
1... your body expands during pregnancy
Your body obviously expands during pregnancy, but did you know your blood volume does too? Drinking enough water ensures that your blood is flowing well throughout your growing body. 
Source: American Pregnancy Association 

2... your body expands during pregnancy
When you become pregnant, the endometrium becomes a thick cushion of tissue that nourishes the growing embryo. Water keeps this whole process moving smoothly. 
Source: CNY Fertility 


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