How water benefits to Male? 4

How water benefits to Male? 4

10..   Water makes Ur body more flexible
More Flexible Guess what the main ingredient in your tendons and ligaments are? Water also makes up the lubricant between joints called synovial fluid you hear yogis yammer on about. Putting your legs behind your head just got a little bit easier. You’re welcome. I’m talking to you too guys. Studies show that around 70% of our population is dehydrated. If you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. There is no set amount you’re supposed to drink and it varies depending on exercise, diet, and alcohol consumption. Alcohol not only doesn’t hydrate you and dehydrate you, it also keeps you from getting hydrated by causing you to pee all the time. Funny we go out to get drinks before having sex. This may be doing us more harm than we realize. So get a good water bottle, drink from it all day long, and reap the benefits.
You are well experienced about Flexibility. Only soft materials are flexible. Water makes your body soft so that your body becomes flexible..So drink water to make your body more flexible .

11..   .Many health benefits
Only with drinking of water many health problems can be prevented including major health problems like Brain stroke, heart attacks, kidney failures, paralysis etc..
I wish everyone on this globe is free from health problems and enjoy full life span with their family...Once you experience the benefits you will not leave this habit...Drink water to enjoy with your family...All the best,..


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