How water benefits to Male? 1

How water benefits to Male? 1

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1.  Water is the basic Nutrient of our body
Most of us neglect water.  From the beginning I am telling U that you need 1.Air  2. Water and 3. Healthy food.  Our body consist of 70% water.  Water will purify our blood cells, clean all our body parts, our brain work with sufficient water, our Kidneys filter unneeded materials and drain out with urine.  It is only possible if you drink sufficient water to remove unwanted materials from your body.  Most of us doesn't know the importance of water for your fertility ie sperm.  Let us discuss each and every.
2.. The water is equally benefits to male and female
1. Improves Brain power
2. Removes unwanted pollution from our body
3. Regulate blood flow
4. Clean blood
5. Improves the functions of kidneys
6. Prevents major health problems like Heart attacks, paralysis, Brain strokes etc..
Besides it there are many benefits to our body...So Drink water to protect your self.....

3.. Improves your Sex organs 
Drinking of water will improve your sex organs ..It is more than penetrationand Sex engages all of your Senses. During fulfilling your sexual experience you feel, you taste .you smell, you see etc..which arouse you and bring you to an orgasm. Only water can help you sense engaged when your life partner has sex with you..
So drink water to enjoy with your life partner...


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